VRAL is a uniquely curated game video experience, offering screenings of machinima created by artists and filmmakers whose work lies at the intersection of video art, cinema, and gaming.  The program features exceptional machinima selected on their cultural relevance, artistic achievement, and innovative style. Often presented only in the context of new media art festivals, film retrospectives, exhibitions, and surveys, these works best represent the variety, ingenuity, and creativity of

Architecture with Games in the Title

2019 (HD video, 6:00 min; unity game engine) Produced within unity engine software, the project explores the architectonics of game environments; namely, the way in which virtual structures are made and how this ‘making’ is rendered visible. In Architectonics of Game Spaces, Andri Gerber and Ulrich Götz draw on Kant’s idea that it is impossible for structures to simultaneously exist while being created, resulting in ruins and failure. In this


The music-based culture media/platform “AVYSS” and the collective Mizuha curated together an original game/virtual platform “AVYSS COCOON” at Shibuya clubasia.

Talkthrough GMK

Talkthrough is a series of lectures/performances inspired by the main motives behind the work Walkthrough. A variety of talks seek to foster an international exchange within the extensive field of gaming. Invited authors, who come from the academic as well as from the pop-cultural sphere, will present possibilities of different directions in interpreting this ubiquitous phenomenon, taking into account its positive and negative effects. Some of the topics discussed: corporative