Sites of Encounter

2022 (video installation, HD, 3×18 min. ,wood panels)

Sites of Encounter is composed of three short films exploring the intersection between spatial memory and architecture within games. The narrative follows an intimate dialogue between a group of characters as they navigate contemporary labour conditions, using spatial structures to activate an archive of memories. 

The structure of the work in many ways resembles a theater piece. There are three acts divided into three scenes. Each part of the trilogy is a self-contained dramatic unit, although the endings of the first two acts lead naturally into the play that follows them.

Sites of encounter deals with issues related to contemporary work conditions, video games and man-made environment, whether it is architecture or space of video games themselves. Film Sites of encounter was made in gaming technology and it comprises three short episodes that, shaped by the rhythm of the dialogue, examine the impact of capitalistic production on the ecology of everyday experience. Sites of encounter question the morphology of spaces and objects and ask how the space, memory and alternative ways of work could be re-mapped. The work is exhibited in Gallery Nova in three parts which function as the points of encounter for visitors in the gallery space. By connecting three screens that show parts of the film, the design by Andro Giunio infiltrated the gallery space stepping over the aesthetic framework and becoming the instrument of mapping the path crossed by the film protagonists. The architecture and the landscape passed by the protagonists make the gamified map of working conditions in the contemporary world, reminding us of abandoned privatized factories, but also of never completely built spaces of a transitional society.

Solo exhibition Gallery Nova, Zagreb. WHW Collective

Curated by Ana Kovacic

Photo credits Sanja Bistricic