2018 (multi-channel video installation, 14:54 min; costume on metal frame, duct tape, textile, variable dimensions.)

In recent years the ideas of gamification have been increasingly implemented into various non-game contexts. The tools of gamification are now often used in order to erase boundaries between play and labour. It is a business model that forms the system of extended control and manipulation through the gamified forms of work and entertainment. In the project Walkthrough, the gamification element emerges as a fabricated event with diverse range of players sharing one communal game character, which was designed to slightly distort and change their usual perception of the space. While using the costume, all players are encouraged to think with their environment. Every modification of the game character happening with each performance is recorded and finally reconstructed with animated video, exposing new and captivating life of the social transformation. The open-ended structure of the costume transforms after each use and every time it is inhabited by a different player creating a new type of soft and vigorous communal character in the process. While shifting the focus between the automated human bodies and sponatenous movement, this process of self-organization becomes a quest of developing new characters of resistance against various systems of control.