2017 (Scripted role-playing game for 16 characters; 90 min gameplay)

The plot for this LARP has a starting point in the famous adaptation of a greek tragedy Medea that marxist poet and a film director Pier Paolo Pasolini made in 1969. Working on this foundations by further implementing the ideas of disaster communism the main focus is on the reappropriation of corporate tools. The story revolves around a plastic waste island a size of Belgium situated somewhere around the South Pole. A special team certified as the Argonauts was sent by the International Research Institute for Nuclear Decommissioning, set up by Musk foundation and other corporate sponsors to investigate the rumors that this Island of plastic waste is actually inhabited. According to the very few and obscure reports a huge number of nuclear refugees has formed a self organized communities all around the island where they have developed a common ownership of all of the means of production based in the digestion of some mutated bacteria. This extraordinary bacterial colonies have developed a life cycles around the digestion of both plastic and nuclear waste. The aim of the first group is to locate a Medea, a code name for any character which would be able to pass this knowledge to the Musk foundation and their corporate allies. The aim of the second group is to find ways how to spread the revolution to the world of late capitalism using Argonauts as their proxies in the resistance movement.