#pivilion_dot_net is a self-hosted distributed IRL/URL/darknet pavilion/embassy organized by Format C @ The Wrong — New Digital Art Biennale, present @ pivilionumi6b3kg.onion/pavilion (accessible via Tor Browser) & produced by Hacklab01. The pavilion will be exhibited AFK at the SCHEIER Centre, accompanied by a free&open darknet arts workshop.

(1) URL: Nov 1st 2019 – Mar 1st 2020
#pivilion_dot_net @ The Wrong — New Digital Art Biennale

(2) IRL: Dec 9th – Dec 15th 2019
OPENING: Dec 9th 2019, 18:00CET — @ SCHEIER (Dr. Ivana Novaka 38, Čakovec, CRO)

The #pivilion_dot_net pavilion is built on top of the Pivilion system, based on inclusive and rhizomatic curation. It’s focus is in presenting recent digital Croatian & transnational <new/multi/hyper> media art, re-created into darknet web galleries via interdisciplinary IRL/DIT/WIP collaborations echoed on both the clear /&/ the dark net.
The pavilion will be WiP and in constant flux during its online presence – please check back for updates and/or coop/collab/participation opportunities.

(accessible via Tor Browser)

. Format Cthe Pivilion project
├── pirate_sheepPuss_Moth_Water_Bear
├── Ivana Tkalčić & Dijana ProtićwhyamIseeingthis
├── VivianHecateIncandescence
├── Mario MuArchitecture with Games in the Title
├── KDZOfat and evil snakes
├── ARKTIKAn Exhibition Gallery of the Institute for the Future on the darknet
├── Vesna MačkovićSelected Works
└── TinWish I had something to say and I’m saying it