Sites of Encounter

2020 (HD video, 12:00 min; unity game engine)

Sites of Encounter is a short animated film featuring curious and contemplative encounters of two characters searching for disappeared Sparrows.

The small and noisy birds have always been well adapted to live around human settlements. Nesting in holes of buildings and other urban structures, the Sparrows render the surrounding with a familiar and incessant sound of the inhabited architecture.

Taking place in a carefully constructed and rigorously controlled environment, their experience is guided through a perpetuating process of trial and error. Finally, the sensuous connections the two characters make with the environment get to play a crucial role in the process of remembering. It is the sound of sparrows that triggers a solution.

The whole project was initiated to facilitate investigation of built environments in gaming platforms, and to observe them as material, spatial and cultural products of human labour. Sites of Encounter is produced and recorded completely with the game engine software.