The Factories

2022 (HD video, 18:00 min; unity game engine)

The Factories is a third part of the Sites of Encounter trilogy, exploring the intersection between spatial memory and architecture within games. The narrative follows an intimate dialogue between a group of characters as they navigate contemporary labour conditions, using spatial structures to activate an archive of memories. The internal voices, either in a dialogue or in the form of parallel monologues exist at certain points in a space for us to uncover. They are the multiple acoustic perspectives pulsating together with the sound of everyday murmur and chatter. They talk mainly about work and death, but also about architecture, forgetting and remembering, violence, relationships, coffee and composting. It is a confusing train of thoughts, a slow session with fear and anxieties caught in one single event, and broken into smaller fragments of a non-linear space.

The Factories was realized with the support of WHW collective and V2_Institute for Unstable Media.