Good Morning

2015 (video instalation, 3×12 min, sync.) Good Morning was originally established as a web-page with the focus on the afterlife of something which does not belong to the realm of living beings anymore. In the context of this project, the internet as the exhibition space has a purpose of the Cenotaph*. In order to provide this web-based cenotaph with an atmosphere similar to the white cube, various images of fake

Spatial Examples

2013-2015 ( Collage on paper; 150 works, dimensions variable)

On Revelations and Muddy Becomings

2021 (video game, unity, 45 min. gameplay) On Revelations and Muddy Becomings is a video game collaboration with the performer Odete and the game developer Petros Lales. The work On Revelations and Muddy Becomings comprises three parts – a magical book, a video game and a performance – and aims to fictionalise a secret society connected to names such as Joan of Arc, Elagabalus and Chevalier d’Eon, from whom the


#pivilion_dot_net is a self-hosted distributed IRL/URL/darknet pavilion/embassy organized by Format C @ The Wrong — New Digital Art Biennale, present @ pivilionumi6b3kg.onion/pavilion (accessible via Tor Browser) & produced by Hacklab01. The pavilion will be exhibited AFK at the SCHEIER Centre, accompanied by a free&open darknet arts workshop. (1) URL: Nov 1st 2019 – Mar 1st 2020 #pivilion_dot_net @ The Wrong — New Digital Art Biennale (2) IRL: Dec 9th –


2022 ( scenography & costumes ) Scenography and costumes in collaboration with Benjamin Karim Bertrand, Cédrick Debeuf, Bigtimestudio, Marion Flament & Jimme Cloo. La Fin des Forets is a choreography written and directed by Benjamin Karim Bertrand featuring a community of queer lovers. The veiled dancers explore an erased walk of the absent described by poet Edouard Glissant and the strolling cruises summoned by Jose Esteban Munoz. Daydreaming, like the

The School of Machines, Making & Make Believe



2019 ( video game collaboration with Josh Crowle, itch.io platform) Download game > trialwerk What is a work trial and when is it okay? As part of the recruitment process, an employer might ask you to do a work trial. A work trial is a short (often unpaid) stint in the workplace. Work trials give you a chance to demonstrate your skills and suitability for the position. TrialWerk is an

Play Co

Play Co summit aims to bring people from art, gaming and LARP backgrounds together to begin a broad discussion on the possibilities of role play. > LINK

Farocki Now


MoneyLab #3

_ _ _ “Theatre – or theatricality – is the capacity, this human property which allows man to observe himself in action, in activity (…) Man can see himself in the act of seeing, in the act of acting, in the act of feeling, the act of thinking. Feel himself feeling, think himself thinking. – AUGUSTO BOAL _ _ _ institute of network cultures > LINK