Sites of Encounter

2020 (HD video, 12:00 min; unity game engine) Sites of Encounter (2020) is a short film exploring mnemonic architecture and spatial avatars within games. The narrative follows a dialogue between two unseen characters around the gamified map of labour conditions. While they navigate an antagonistic environment, the pair is prompted to uncover interconnected sites of memory and loss. Created within unity engine software, the digital ecosystem can be viewed as

Architecture with Games in the Title

2019 (HD video, 6:00 min; unity game engine) Architecture with Games in the Title (2019) is composed of three short films exploring the intersection between spatial memory and architecture within games. The narrative follows an intimate dialogue between two characters as they navigate contemporary labour conditions, using spatial structures to activate an archive of memories.   In this phantasmagoric space, hues of saffron and ochre bleed through the cracks of an

Confessional Stage Diving

2019 (single-channel video installation, 11:47 min; Scripted role-playing game for 8 characters; 90 min gameplay) People may undertake social confessions for many reasons. A confession can be committed to expose a certain truth or a secret, to express love, to relieve feelings of sincere guilt, regret or remorse and to seek forgiveness and understanding from the others. At root, confessions and various other forms of exposure are simply a subset


2018 (multi-channel video installation, 14:54 min; costume on metal frame, duct tape, textile, variable dimensions.) In recent years the ideas of gamification have been increasingly implemented into various non-game contexts. The tools of gamification are now often used in order to erase boundaries between play and labour. It is a business model that forms the system of extended control and manipulation through the gamified forms of work and entertainment. In


2017 (Scripted role-playing game for 16 characters; 90 min gameplay) The plot for this LARP has a starting point in the famous adaptation of a greek tragedy Medea that marxist poet and a film director Pier Paolo Pasolini made in 1969. Working on this foundations by further implementing the ideas of disaster communism the main focus is on the reappropriation of corporate tools. The story revolves around a plastic waste


2017 (multi-channel video installation, 8:56 min; 16 objects of variable dimensions, duct tape, textile) In her recent book Updating to Remain the Same- Habitual New Media, Wendy Hui Kyong Chun closely inspects transition of media, from the new to the habitual. What happens when our bodies become archives of supposedly obsolescent media, streaming, updating, sharing, saving? Following this idea, the project Whales takes another perspective on the topic of the

Prosthetic Animals

2016 ( Multi-video instalation -duration variable; duckt tape, drawing on wall, painting mounted on metal frame) Prosthetic animals depicts common aspects of precarious life by portraying ordinary people engaged in activities of everyday self-destruction. How do you put traps on yourself? How do you perform S_A_B_O_T_A_G_E? The project has a starting point in the research on the alternative ways in which a community can be generated using tools similar to

Good Morning

2015 (video instalation, 3×12 min, sync.) Good Morning was originally established as a web-page with the focus on the afterlife of something which does not belong to the realm of living beings anymore. In the context of this project, the internet as the exhibition space has a purpose of the Cenotaph*. In order to provide this web-based cenotaph with an atmosphere similar to the white cube, various images of fake

Spatial Examples

2013-2015 ( Collage on paper; 150 works, dimensions variable)


2019 ( video game collaboration with Josh Crowle, itch.io platform) Download game > trialwerk What is a work trial and when is it okay? As part of the recruitment process, an employer might ask you to do a work trial. A work trial is a short (often unpaid) stint in the workplace. Work trials give you a chance to demonstrate your skills and suitability for the position. TrialWerk is an