Sites Of Encounter, Act 2

2021 (HD video, 18:00 min; unity game engine)

Sites of Encounter is the ongoing body of work that explores relations of contemporary labour conditions, gaming, and the human-built environments. 

The work consists of a cinematic arrangement produced within the video game engine, exploring the spatial sensation and an embodied sense of those places connected to a structure of feeling. 

The main plot builds upon a series of events happening during the bridge construction on the external border of the European Union. As in the telling of a dream or related to memory, the atmosphere comes and goes, sifting through meticulously crafted layers of image sequences. 

While continuously setting up and down the volume of the silence that lies behind the dominant narratives revolving around labour conditions, the fabricated landscape suggests comfortable boredom that emerges from the tension between action and stasis, suggestive rhythmic repetitions, and weightless perspective. 

Sites Of Encounter, Act 2, Scene 2 was realized as part of the Summer Sessions Talent Development Network in a co-production of Metamedia
Association and V2_Institute for Unstable Media.

Courtesy of International Centre of Graphic Arts, Ljubljana.